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Snagit 2021App FOR PC

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  • Developer: TechSmith.
  • Genre: Jing · Camtasia · Snipping
User Rating: Snagit 2021Rating 4.9

Snagit 2021App For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

Snagit 2021 for PC: Having an advanced tool for Screenshots and other perks can be extremely beneficial and therefore today we are going to present before you one of such apps that will surely help you out with the subject of a similar matter and the name of this wonderful app is Snagit 2021 for PC.


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Snagit 2021 for PC, Windows 11/10 Free Download


About Snagit 2021 for PC

The latest version of Snagit for snapshots, screencasts, image editing, and content creation has been released by TechSmith Corporation, a visual communications software firm. Snagit 2021 offers several changes to popular features as well as efficiency improvements that make authoring guides and lessons faster and easier. Snagit is perfect for documenting processes and sharing knowledge in a visual format. These improvements address the desire for simple-to-use solutions that promote knowledge exchange and boost productivity.

Snagit Editor, Snagit’s picture and video editing tool, is included with Snagit. Changes to screenshots may be made using the editor, which includes adding arrows, notes, and callouts. Other software features allow you to construct lessons (using the Step tool and/or the Simplify tool, that allows you to develop Simplified User Interfaces) and provide confidentiality assurances (blurring areas, cropping images). Basic and rudimentary video editing features (trimming videos).

Snagit also has a Library (where you may save your altered photos and movies) and Sharing Destinations (to publish images and even videos).

Functionality of Snagit 2021 for PC

Snagit File Capture snagx is a file format for storing image captures that is cross-platform compatible (both on Windows and Mac). Image captures were saved in the.snag (Windows) and.snagproj (Mac) formats in Snagit 2021 (and older versions) (these two file formats were not compatible). Snagit Library stores video recordings in.mp4 format.

Here we see what makes the Snagit 2021 for PC Special

Templates, color schemes, and designs have more flexibility

The templates function of Snagit, which was introduced in the previous edition, allows users to quickly assemble screenshots into step-by-step tutorials and tips. For Snagit 2021, this tool has been improved, and templates may now be tailored to the user’s demands for a more personalized result, including the ability to reorder specific stages more simply.

Snagit 2021’s color palettes have also been considerably updated. Fonts and design styles may now be saved alongside specified color palettes. Specific schemes can be reused and shared with coworkers once they’ve been generated. This guarantees that the job outcomes are clear and consistent, as well as CI-compliant.

Simplified UI Screenshots

SUI graphics, which are the simplified graphical presentations of software user interfaces, are becoming more popular in customer service and technical communications. It’s extremely simple to make such visuals with Snagit. A traditional screenshot may be changed to an SUI-style image with the click of a button. The algorithm for this function has been enhanced in version 2021, and UI components are better detected and evenly simplified. Users who like to simplify their pictures manually will appreciate the new Move Mode feature, which allows them to quickly clean up simple photos while also applying user-defined color palettes. Snagit 2021 enables the creation of SUI drawings faster, better, and much more straightforward.

Customer demands for faster results and other factors

Many popular customer demands are also handled directly in this new Snagit edition. Captures are now triggered quicker, scaled more smoothly, and shown better in the editor thanks to a number of system changes. Drawn lines with the Pen tool seem cleaner and smoother owing to the smoothing effect.

“We’ve integrated the most popular workflow requirements from customers in Snagit 2021.” “More personal flexibility inside templates, a better SUI process, and an overall enhancement in Snagit’s performance and quality,” stated Wendy Hamilton, TechSmith’s CEO. “The enhancements make it simpler for teams to collaborate, especially those dealing with communication issues in the present remote work environment.” It is possible to explain complex problems more rapidly.

Availability and prices

For $49.99 USD, TechSmith Snagit 2021 is now accessible for Windows and Mac. Users who have already purchased Snagit can update to Snagit 2021 for just $34.99 USD, which now includes a maintenance agreement. Access to the Snagit Certificate course, a premium subscription to the next edition with all-new features, and full support service are all included in maintenance contracts.

Features of the Snagit 2021 for PC

Recording picture-in-picture

Snagit 2021 pc

The picture-in-Picture recording captures both your screen and your webcam at the same time. While recording your video, choose where you want your webcam recording to appear, adjust the frame, or turn it on and off.

Video enhancements

Snagit 2022 has a new video engine that is more stable for both Windows and Mac. Enhancements include improved audio and video synchronization, as well as compatibility with a wider range of cameras.

Cloud-based library

Save your full capture library to the cloud for simple access and usage on many PCs. You choose the destination; we support Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, as well as Box.

Markup consistency across platforms

When you use any of Snagit’s tools to apply markup to capture on one operating system, the markup appears the same when you access the project on the other platform. Furthermore, tool characteristics that were previously only available solely on a single platform are now available on both.

Improved tooltips

Snagit 2022 has explanation animations that are simple to grasp. These tooltips meet busy users where they are, suggesting methods to improve existing Snagit processes and pointing them in the direction of previously unknown technologies.

Certification for Snagit

This upgrade includes your first year of Service as well as the newly revised Snagit Certification course for the 2022 edition. Certification is a wonderful approach to help you speed up processes, unleash potential, and get your job done faster with over 20 videos of Snagit how-tos.

Flexible template designs

Reduce editing time by using pre-built picture templates or creating your own.

Simplify tool in move mode

Make things in your screen captures moveable automatically. In your screenshots, rearrange buttons, erase text, or change other items.

Destination sharing

Upload and share instantly to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, YouTube, and Camtasia, as well as a variety of other programs, or make a link to your screen capture and send it to anybody.

Themes to share

To keep a consistent appearance and experience, share custom themes.

Replace the text

For easy editing, Snagit identifies the text in your screenshots. Without having to recreate the entire image, you may change the words, font, colors, and size of the text in your screenshots.

Other Features of the Snagit 2021 for PC app include

  • Favorites
    Get your most-used tools & effects right now.
  • Presets
    Save your favorite styles and settings for later use.
  • Stamps
    Customize your screenshots with stickers made just for them.
  • Tool for Steps
    With a few clicks, you can document steps and workflows. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 or A-B-C.
  • Webcam recording
    During a video, switch between camera and screen recording. Use the recorder to give your teams or clients a more personal touch, no matter where they are.

FAQs of Snagit 2021 for PC

What can Snagit help you with?
Aside from screen recording, the program has a number of other features, including the ability to ‘Combine Images.’ It allows you to combine many captures into a single file. This tool allows you to display many screenshots in a single window, making it excellent for manuals, tutorials, and presentations. Simply choose the photographs you want to blend and click the ‘Combine’ button in the ‘Template’ section. Snagit also lets you add text, arrows, data, and other items to the output files.

What about filters and special effects?
Snagit allows you to add various effects and filters, unlike other free programs in this category. Though it lacks the full and complex editing features of Pixlr, it does let you add arrows, grayscale, borders, and text. The program hasn’t been designed to compete with professional picture or video editors since its debut. It does, however, provide a video recording feature that also records audio from the PC’s microphone.

So, how about the user interface?
Snagit 2022 has a simple UI and includes a variety of screen-capturing tools such as arrows, blur, and borders. You will not be overwhelmed by the options when using this program. Everything you enjoy or use regularly may be saved in your ‘Favorites’ folder. This will save you a lot of time navigating through the menubar and toolbar’s many functions.

What file types are accepted?
Snagit is a free screen recording program that accepts a variety of file formats, including cross-platform formats. You may save files in GIF, PSD, BMP, SWF, PDF, MHTML, and other popular formats using the application. The integrated GIF maker is the tool’s finest feature. It’s ideal for making short hilarious films, memes, and other types of entertaining material.

System Requirements for Snagit 2021 for PC

Technical Specifications and System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 are supported.
  • Pentium IV or higher processor
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • 500 MB or more of free hard disc space

Alternatives of Snagit 2021 for PC


Screenrec is a powerful Windows (Latest Windows 10, 8, 7, and Linux) and Mac alternative to Snagit. It works as a screenshot capture tool as well as a screen recording program. Screenrec, which is powered by StreamingVideoProvider, employs a clever algorithm to instantly upload your footage to the cloud. As a result, as soon as you complete the recording, you’ll receive an instantly shareable link.

Screen Recorder by TuneFab

TuneFab Screen Recorder is another excellent Snagit replacement that works on both Windows and Mac computers. The video recorder, audio recording device, webcams recorder, and screen capture capabilities are among the four options available for simply capturing any screen activity. You may capture any form of stuff that appears on your desktop displays. MP4, MOV, AVI, GIF, MP3, M4A, AAC, and other common video/audio formats are supported.

Snipping Tool for Windows

This Windows snipping tool is a screenshot tool that comes standard with Windows Vista and subsequent versions of Windows. It just “photographs” the screen. The snipping tool makes it simple to cut out an open window, rectangular area, free-form area, or the entire full screen.

Pros and Cons of Snagit 2021 for PC


  • Supports a straightforward installation procedure
  • Instantly generates GIFs
  • Has no impact on system resources
  • ‘Quick Screen Capture’ feature is included.
  • Compatible with the cloud
  • Consistent cross-platform markup is included.


  • There are no sophisticated editing tools included.

Conclusion on Snagit 2021 for PC

Take screenshots, make GIFs, and much more.
Snagit is a well-designed, easy, trustworthy, and handy tool that works well for recording your PC’s screen when compared to other similar platforms accessible online. Snagit 2022 also includes a number of enhancements and new capabilities, including Cloud library compatibility, picture-in-picture recording, and cross-platform markup consistency. Snagit is an excellent addition to the variety of tools accessible on your Windows machine. Simply download, install, and begin using the application right away.


User Reviews of Snagit 2021 for PC


Fantastic application! It’s simple to take screen photos, and the stitch auto alignment feature works well. I have a handful of tiny recommendations for improving quality of life that would be fantastic. -A setting that allows you to skip the edit screen rather than needing to press twice. -It would be wonderful if you could return to the app where you took the screenshot after saving a long shot stitch. Currently, you must manually return each time. -The stitching tool should allow you to save both the original and merged screenshots.


This is an excellent app. Quick and simple to use, with an excellent toolset. I can deal with the advertising since they are pleasant and not invasive. I’d want to see a better approach to categorizing, organizing, and managing photographs because I spend much too much time organizing and classifying files. It would be fantastic if you could have a floating menu that appeared after capturing or saving and offered tagging/storage choices while remembering the last decision.


Excellent application! When stitching photographs, the cropping option is quite accurate, allowing for flawless, undetectable joins, and the option to add images from your roll opens up a world of possibilities. There are no features behind a paywall, and ads are basic and quick. I spent countless hours looking through and testing longscroll applications, and this is by far the best. You can see that the developers care about the project more than their finances.